The Magnificent June Simpson

A truly stunning shot of June Simpson posing by the window taken by Harrison Marks and probably located at Ewhurst Manor by the style of the windows.
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  1. I don’t think this is from Ewhurst, as the window frame lattices behind June Simpson are rectangular like: <br /> _<br /> | |<br /> <br />whereas those in the recent Ann Austin entry, certainly at Ewhurst, are diagonal like:<br /><br /> /<br /> /<br /><br />Also, I’d guess that the AA shoot is from 1960-61 making it one of the earliest I know at Ewhurst, but not early enough for JS

    • Very valid point portland and I&#39;ve just looked at some of the other early JS shots and they too have rectangular frame lattices, so taken at another unknown location other than Ewhurst.

  2. Having said that, Ewhurst was quite a sizable structure an in addition to the ground floor had two other floors, and how far the building went back in depth is anyone&#39;s guess, but the original aerial plans give a rough though not exact idea. Whilst the front windows were of a differing design, you cant rule out that other parts of the house remained the same. I&#39;s speaking from experience

    • Thanks Phil and as the original layout and plans are vague to us, all we can do is piece the puzzle together from photo&#39;s from that time and knowledge from others. Still Ewhurst was an intriguing place and if I had more time I&#39;m sure I could wade through all the photo&#39;s and video&#39;s and come up with a plan of the place! I did see someone on the Ewhurst Yahoo group had put a word

  3. I&#39;ve just been digging through some pictures and can see that there are specific differences on the leaded windows at Ewhurst, in particular the front door which has a honeycomb formation. Based on this, and the size of the property, which was immense, I would suggest that the square formation windows may still be Ewhurst.

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