Who Would Have Thought!

I started this blog in March 2013, so only 7 months ago and can’t quite believe the response it has had since then!  It all started with me finding the image below of Pamela Green from Kamera Backstage, sending me on a journey to find out more about her and Harrison Marks and other models of that period.

Now 7 months on I’m hooked and love finding more images, information and anecdotes.  What has amazed me is the number of other genuine fans out there and the new and unseen content they have provided.
I very much doubt this site would be as successful without the contribution from all of you in the form of comments,  information about the models and the fantastic photo’s you are all sending through.  I really do appreciate you sending me this content and allowing me to share it on this blog for others to enjoy as we do. So a big thank you to you all and please carry on making this site as exciting, fun to work on and the success it has become.

It’s a true pleasure!
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