Sensual & Seductive June!

A very sensual looking June Palmer with her arms above her head from the pages of Nugget Magazine (December, 1966)
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  1. Another very nice picture of a young-ish June – one of a series where she &quot;wears&quot; a scarf or two.<br />This is yet another Ewhurst shot. I sometimes wonder what all these photographers would have done without Ewhurst as a location. Together with Bedruthan Sands, it virtually epitomises the glamour photography of that era.<br />Alexei

    • Thanks Alexei I hadn&#39;t really associated it as a Ewhurst image, but now I look at it of course it is! I agree Ewhurst must have done a roaring business in the 60&#39;s both for photography and film and the Cornish coast line, but we mustn&#39;t complain!

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