The Dream Team!

The dream team of June Palmer, Marina Jones and Dawn Grayson on the Roman bath set being directed by Harrison Marks himself!  I’m not sure which film this is from, as don’t recall seeing a film with all three of these models in?  In other images June looks like she is playing Cleopatra?
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  1. I think that this is from a sequence in the &quot;Naked World of Harrison Marks&quot; (circa 1965/66) – a cinema film, rather than a glamour home movie, which I must confess that I have never seen.<br /> I have only a vague memory of having read somewhere that the original intention was to shoot a film about the &quot;seven ages of nakedness&quot; inspired, no doubt, by a certain Bard&#39;s &quot

    • Thanks Alexei and have a good one yourself!<br /><br />Your right about it being the &#39;Naked World of Harrison Marks&#39; as I looked at the list of models appearing and all of the above do appear. GHM did do a second film called the &#39;Nine ages of Nakedness&#39; and I believe June was the cave woman in that film, not the first. Definitely the same Roman set in Dream Goddess!

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