Zigrinda – Nice Hat, Shame About The Face!

Another of GHM’s one name models, this time Zigrinda from page 2 of Kamera No.87 (1968). She only appeared for GHM in Kamera No.87 and the glamour film ‘Zigrinda, Britain’s Top Stripper’.  The three images from No.87 are all from the same set of her wearing the white hat and black push up bra, but to be honest she is one of the few GHM models that just doesn’t do it for, don’t ask me why, she just doesn’t!
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  1. I share your opinion – I simply don&#39;t find her very sexy. She looks as if she has eaten something that disagreed with her and is trying to suppress a mighty belch.<br /><br />David

    • I find that some of the later models seem to be trying too hard to pose! If you look at Zigrinda and Monique Devereux as examples, they seem to be sucking everything in as they pose and it looks slightly unnatural and uncomfortable. Very different from that of June Palmer or Pamela Green that made it look so effortless!

  2. yes, she looks like a bit of a slapper – but Monique! I won&#39;t hear a word said against her! Sucking in the lower to push out the upper!<br /><br /> roop

  3. no, hang on, *marie* devereux<br /><br /> roop

  4. aargh, OK, I&#39;ll take &#39;em both – wrap &#39;em up I&#39;ll take them with me now<br /><br /> roop

  5. I gotta disagree, it&#39;s no fault of the model to do the photographers work.

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