Lenz No.3 Cover

Lenz No.3 Cover by Harrison Marks and one of the more obscure publications from Harrison Marks and his Kamera Publications Ltd. Although the cover is by GHM the contents of the Lenz magazines tended to showcase other photographers of the time. No.3 featured the work of Ken Williams, but a lot of the models he used are very familiar and worked with Harrison Marks as well. Models in No.3 include Margaret Nolan, Sue Owen, Tina Graham, Annette Johnson and Maxine Miller and all looking fairly young!

Can anyone identify the model balancing on the Roller, as I don’t recognise her immediately? The location could well be the driveway at Ewhurst, but not much to go on.

Update: Thanks to MadMax the model has been identified as Britt Hampshire and two further shots from this shoot appear in Kamera No.58 – Thanks Max

Update 2: After further discussion it seems to be Paula King and Not Britt Hampshire and thanks to PhilD and Portland for further evidence.  Three further images below to support the Paula King theory 🙂

Any more theories to throw into the pot and thanks for all the feedback!

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  1. Good work by Max indeed. Would not have thought her to be Britt Hampshire. Certainly looks like Ewhurst though.

  2. Agreed that this is the same shoot as Kamera #58, but I think that the girl in question is Paula King.<br /><br />Paula also appears in publications of the photography of Ed Alexander :)<br />

  3. Amazing Picture! So much contrast to the squarnes of the old Rolls! Timeless Beauties are the UK-Girls of the sixties!

  4. Definitely Kamera 58 and one of three pictures contained within. Certainly not Brit Hampshire, and if you see the other pictures its not difficult to determine this.

  5. My apologies but my last statement was incorrect. This picture is not in Kamera 58, however, three more pictures from the same set are and these have now been sent. Will you please ensure this correction is published

  6. I agree with the majority: it&#39;s&#39; not Britt Hampshire, my evidence being that it looks nothing like her. Incidentally, I think that is GHM&#39;s Roller, possibly the same one that Ann Dixon/Hazel Taylor was photographed with. And no, it&#39;s not her either. I vote for Paula.

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