Barbara Halks – Tiptoe on Tiles (1968)

As per request Barbara Halks from Kamera No.87 (1968) posing perched on the edge of a sofa on tiptoes. Always happy to oblige requests if I can, especially if the model is as stunning as Barbara!
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  1. Thank you , Wonder 68. This a new photo of Barbara to me. Please keep them coming !! We seem to be having lots from the 60's shown, can we please, please have some more (lots !) 70's? And a less busty model of GHM too ! But scrumptious to the nth degree is this lass.

    • Less busty from the 1970's, blimey!

    • HM was famous (infamous !) for his liking of the larger breasted woman. So it is nice to see a gorgeous woman, like Barbara who is more normal sized. I take it you like Uschi Digard, then !?

    • Yes I do have a thing for the larger breasted woman including Uschi, but that's on my other site not this as this one is aimed at GHM and similar photographers of that time, so more around the 1950's and 60's. Diversity is good!

    • what&#39;s the other site? Days gone by or another one?<br /><br /> lets be perfectly honest, we all yearn for the larger breasted woman however much we admire those less endowed<br /><br /> roop

    • I generally publish the later stuff from the 70&#39;s onwards and harder stuff on to Days Gone By: unless there is a direct link to GHM. I don&#39;t post as often as I used to on there, but every now and then something catches my eye and ends up there 🙂

  2. she is a cracker – and no, doesn&#39;t remind me in any way of an auntie or any other relative . . .<br /><br /> roop

  3. Personally, I prefer the less busty models. To me, shape is better than size. Too many of the models with large busts are very &quot;saggy&quot;.<br /><br />Just my opinion. :-)<br /><br />PS: Any more Jane Paul?<br /><br />Cheers

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