Nice Sombrero, But Who is She? – Lynn Reeves

This one is driving me mad! I came across this shot of a model I recognise, but damned if I can remember her name, which I’m sure will be obvious once I find out, but anyone know?
This along with several other well known 1960’s models were over on Flickr and posted by a user who’s Dad took the photo’s in the 1960’s.  I noticed shots of June Palmer, June Russell, Jayne Tracey, Elaine Desmond and the above model.  I’ve tried to contact him to see if there are others and let him know I’ve posted this shot (Always nice to ask!)
Great shot if I could remember who she was! Edit: Thanks to everyone that identified her as Lynn Reeves 🙂
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  1. could it be Jane Warner, she looks familiar, terry sparks

  2. This young lady is Lynne Reeves (pretty certain). I'm showing my age but I saw do a striptease at a gentlemen's smoking evening in Beaconsfield in 1968. I remember because I had seen her picture in Parade.

    • Fantastic! That's her and I knew once someone mentioned her name I'd remember! I've even posted a shot of her before as Lyn Reeves (Katherine James), so I must be losing my memory 🙂 Thanks for jogging it!

  3. Definitely Lynne Reeves

  4. Also modelled under the name of Katherine James, and probably better known with GHM under this name

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