Jean Spaul & Gaby Rougier (1958)

Jean Spaul (Sporle) and the model now identified as Gaby Rougier from Kamera No.17 (1958). Jean and Gaby appear multiple times together in Kamera No.17 and Kamera No.29, with Gaby also appearing solo in Kamera No.29. Thanks to Jeff for another good spot at identifying Gaby, who also appears in Fiesta Autumn Special 1957.

Further evidence below from Jeff to support his theory this is one such model named Gaby Rougier, as she is named in the article and has the beauty spot!

Gaby sent through by Phil D, doesn’t seem to be the same person or maybe just a few years older?

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  1. So much beauty in one picture!<br />Thanks!

  2. The girl posing with Jean Spaul is Vera Day and not Gaby Rougier<br /><br />More evidence to follow.

    • Interested to see the evidence Portland as on checking the official GHM model database it says Vera never appeared in any of the pocketbooks, only the hardback publication and a set of slides around 1964, so later than these shots?

  3. Definitely not Vera Day and she did appear ( if my memory serves ) in 66 magazine, although not sure who the photographer was.

  4. Further to my last comment, and not wishing to get into a prolonged spat on this one, Page 30 of K 17 will show its not Vera Day. Having said that, I have just seen a couple of pics of Gaby Rougier and from these pics I have my doubts if its her

  5. I&#39;ll send the pic through which I found on the web. The picture is named as Gaby Rougier. I know it doesn&#39;t mean much but we all know how many times all publications have made errors in naming. The one I am sending may be a red herring.

    • Added and I&#39;ve seen these shots as they are taken by Ed Alexander and she is named as Gaby Rougier, but is it the same person as the one named in Jeff&#39;s images? To me the model from Jeff looks closer to the model with Jean Spaul, but who knows? Maybe there were two models with the same name? Doubtful and as Phil says they did get model names mixed up on occasions!

    • That said the tits and nipples on all 3 look very similar 🙂

  6. Re Vera Day comments ; Definitely published in Parade, Spick and 66 Magazines

  7. I may have resolved some of this discussion. I&#39;ve literally had a copy of Kamera No.36 arrive in the post and having a quick scan through the pages I have just seen the same model posing on her own on pages 9, 14 and 30. These shots seem to look like Gaby from Fiesta sent by Jeff and posing with Jean. The body, tits and nose all look the same and once I&#39;ve scanned the magazine I&#39;ll

  8. Having said that, it doesn&#39;t resolve the name/ alias issue one way or the other, unless there are two models who share the same name/ alias. I have also just taken a peep at K 36, and agree there is a similarity with the Fiesta model

  9. I have two further snippets of information which may assist if anyone has the publications. Gaby Rougier appeared in Span No 108 and Beautiful Britons 194. Sadly I don&#39;t have either.

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