Wicked Wanda (1950’s)

So another unknown model potentially identified from my list of unknown models, again sent through by Jeff. Jeff sent through the bottom image of Janet Riley from Carnival magazine (Jan 1957), who he believes is also the unknown model No.10 I’ve posted before from Photographic Rhythm No.1 (Top Shot). At the same time I also found the middle shot of the same model, but titled as Wanda, but that should be taken with a pinch of salt as it’s only in the title.  So is this Janet Riley? The early image of her is very different from the others, but there are some facial similarities. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to find any other references to her as Janet Riley or Wanda, so we will just have to go with what we have.

Thanks to Jeff for his continuing effort to go through my list of unknown models and trying to identify them 🙂


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  1. Until I began viewing Carnival magazines, I had never heard of ‘stone’ as a measure of weight, but my friends at google tell me that a stone equals 14 pounds. Is this unit of weight ever used in the UK in this day and time?
    Perhaps I am wrong on the ID of this model, but value the opinion of Wonder and maybe others will weigh in on the matter.

  2. Jeff that measure is still used and scales to measure your weight still use stones and pounds. She could well be the same model in all of the above images, but sometimes it’s so difficult to tell 🙂

  3. I have seen many Janet Riley pics, and in my view, only the third pic is of Janet. Which still leaves open the question, who is the first girl pictured?

    Janet Riley had a thin upper lip, as opposed to the fulsome lips of the first model.

    A noteworthy piece of trivia; Janet Riley was one of the first models in Toco who bared her breasts for us, in Span 18. This was a toe in the water for Toco at the time, and they could have argued that the totally transparent negligee that she was wearing, meant that she was clothed.

    I have also sighted Janet in Charm, Pin-Up, Show, Art Advertiser, and several Gaywood Press one-offs where the models are always nude in classical poses.

    • Thanks Rad and yes I’ve always questioned if all three images were the same model, but always difficult to tell with such varying shots. I’ve not seen any of the other Janet shots you mention, so if you have any send them over and I’ll post a few 🙂

  4. I have a new lead on the elusive Wanda.

    Pic 3 is janet Riley, and a totally different model. Pics 1 & 2, appeared respectively, in Photo Studio issues 10 and 11, but without the text of the second pic, but pic 2 is credited to photographer Lawrence Neal.

    I did a search on ‘Wanda,’ and on close inspection, Wanda Whiteside from Span 47, may be our girl. I’ll send pics and the clues separately,

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