June Palmer – An Alluring Alleyway View! (Original)

I’ve just received another CD full of original June images from John W from a couple of 35mm films he’s purchased and the disc contains several interesting sets of a young June. There are additional images of June in leggings on the castle battlements, some of which I’ve already posted, a set of June dressed in the park and this shot! There are two shots from this set of June in the Alleyway, this one and one other, which is a shame as they are fantastic shots.

I love the pose from June in the leotard as she leans against the alley wall, with a buxom bosom showing, but I’m also sadly intrigued by the location and where this was taken. I wonder if it was taken near Strobe studio’s in Clapham and as you look back up through the alley you see a woman walking past what I think is a sign for Midland Bank?


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.

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  1. This is Queensway, west London. The Midland bank is now HSBC. The alley leads to Olympia Mews. A lot of changes in the last 50 odd years. The bank has expanded next door and it looks like the railings to the steps each side of the alley have been changed, going by Google streetview. I have some photos of June, probably from the same session where she’s draped over a sports car. They must’ve been taken in the Mews itself.

    • Thanks that’s really useful Pl909 and it’s always good to find out more information about where images were taken 🙂 I’ve seen some of the set you are talking about, but unfortunately don’t have any good copies.

    • Sorry ,but you are completely wrong. I have already confirmed this location,and others. I know the location and the session. Its near Strobe Studios.