A Soapy Suzanne! (Xmas Calendar)

Another favourite and first time appearance on this site is non other than Suzanne Pritchard, the 1970’s American model with an extremely large pair of tits on her! This image needs no introduction or explanation as I think it’s pretty obvious what she’s doing here, but it works for me! 🙂

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  1. Works for me too! Thanks for the post!

  2. Strange girl, getting in the bath still apparently wearing her knickers!! S’pose it saves washing them separately.

    • I wondered if anyone would notice and they do seem to come off later in the set and you get a glimpse of what else she has to offer! Funnily enough she tends to keep her knickers on in most shots and the sets of her fully naked showing down below are few and far between, I think this set and a set taken at a swimming pool are the only 2 I can remember seeing more!

  3. Did leave a comment on SP on the Xmas page but may have disappeared into the ether – but she’s one of my faves, but the ‘comedy’ element was always a little bizarre, and you’re right, knickerless shots are rare – but not as rare as knickerless Joan Brinkman, now there’s a challenge for you . . .

    • I have found some knickerless shots of Suzanne so will share them anon. Now there’s challenge Joan Brinkman knickerless, don’t think I’ve ever seen any!

      • well, there are a few coy sideways shots but only one have I ever seen full frontal – not sure if I have it anywhere (might have come from ‘myarchives’), will try and dig it out.

  4. I know what you mean, Joan can be deceptively different from certain angles, but the chest remains pretty constant 😉

    • In that case we’ll go with it being her until proved otherwise, but bush on the Brinkman is still a rare beast!

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