Suzanne’s Soapy Bath! (Gallery)

I published the first image of this set as a single post, which prompted a discussion about models including Suzanne Pritchard that rarely, if ever showed pussy. I knew I’d seem some of Suzanne showing more than her big tits and the final image of this set just qualifies! I do have others of Suzanne showing full frontals, which I will publish when I get time.

Anyway enjoy this set of Suzanne in the meantime!

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  1. Ah yes, good stuff – SP hovered around that edge of comedy/shock and eroticism that is quite unusual – well built lassie, quite short it would appear.

    • I agree Roop and I sometimes wonder if she wasn’t taking it seriously and just doing it for a laugh? Either way you get an odd mixture of comedy or erotic shots you didn’t see that often.

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