Y is for Yamille (Xmas Calendar)

This was a difficult letter to cover for the calendar, but there were a few options, but in the end I went for the centre pages of Kamera No.48 (1962) featuring Yamille. So Phil was correct with Yamille, but I also had a Nicole Yearner shot ready, but went with Yamille in the end.

Finally, this isn’t the hardest letter to do, anyone got suggestions for the letter i?

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  1. I had a look at what i had no idea for i, of course Irish McCalla – Iris Bristol otherwise no idea – there is probably a couple of exotic HM models – oops …no you don’t have any !

  2. Don’t think there is an “I”, in the GHM portfolio, but there’s others such as Irma the Body, also several Burlesque performers starting with said letter, i.e. Ilona Mashburn, Ivy Vine and there’s a few unknowns in the Toco stable as well

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