June Palmer – 1980’s Curls! (Original)

A 40-something June Palmer posing in the studio wearing red scarf and stockings from the 1980’s. A simple but effective pose showing off June’s great body and curls, both on her head and down below. Thanks to John W for sending over this shot and the rest of the 23 colour shots from this set of 35mm negatives.


Note: This image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.

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  1. crikey, I do wish June would have called it a day at some point – although I’m not averse to the ‘older woman’ I feel that June might have been cranking the money handle a bit too long . . . respect though, she did keep her body in good trim

  2. Yes but not in bad nick for her age and still had a pretty good figure – there are other models who were far worse – Kitten Natividad for one

  3. As Kev says I’ve seen far worse with other models that should have called it a day long before they gave up! June did give up professionally in her prime in the 1970’s, but kept her ‘hand in’ doing modelling from Strobe studio’s for amateur photography clubs and private work, hence the large number of late 35mm stuff of her. Regardless of her age people still wanted to shoot the famous glamour model June Palmer …

  4. yes, of course you’re both right, but perhaps I worded that incorrectly. June did ‘straddle’ the divide when black and white turned to colour in publications, but she also illustrates the change in photographic style that also happened during that period. B&W was always a ‘serious’ form of ‘art’ and the nude studies illustrated that but also had a great deal of eroticism through being disallowed so much by the censor, so the photographers were forced to be ‘creative’ to try and pre-empt the censor. By the time of this shot anything goes and the quality of photography also suffers, there’s little ‘art’ or eroticism (for me) in this picture, and June and those plucked eyebrows . . . well . . .

    • As a dedicated JP fan, I have to agree with Roop to some extent.

      If you didn’t know it was June Palmer who had just entered your studio office looking to offer herself as an older glamour model.

      Would you employ her?

      Might be a difficult question to answer. You might just reply that there is little call for the genre before showing her the door.

      • hi with all due respect she is a KEEPER i would not kick her out of the bed not so difficult after all sweetie

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