Brigitte Lahaie – Reclined in Green (1977)

I’m a big fan of Brigitte Lahaie (yes, another favourite!), either as a brunette as above or her more common look as a blonde later on in her career and beyond. She probably doesn’t fit into this site completely as she is best known as being a French Porn Star, appearing in numerous hardcore films and photo shoots, but I still like her! I tend to shy away from the hardcore stuff and enjoy the more glamour shots of her, although I have been known to post the odd harder shot of her over on my old blog.

The shots above are from unpublished negatives, but a set of Brigitte in this green chemise appeared in a European hardcore magazine titled Sexy Girls No.25 (1977) under the name Alice. I had a copy of this magazine and the poses of the girls left little to the imagination and you can see the set of Brigitte, plus others here.


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  1. Lovely to see her so well presented here. I remember her also as Mayfair’s “Girl of the Month” when she appeared as Bernice Chapman, if I’m not mistaken.

    (Those Mayfair “Girls of the Month” open up a whole new category of nostalgia. Does anyone else remember the sweet surprise of Linda Lusardi posing without panties to display her black bush?)

    • Yep, I have the set of her from Mayfair as ‘Bernice’ posted here. I also had the set of Linda Lusardi showing off her lush bush, before she went on to just do topless for ‘Page 3’! I posted them over on my old Tumblr site ages ago, but here’s the link for a trip down memory lane – Linda’s Bush

  2. I remember the Mayfair set of Linda Lusardi very well. I was a teenager discovering my sexuality and I spent many hours “with” Linda Lusardi. I came out as gay in 1982 but I still have a soft spot for Linda Lusardi.

  3. Classic stockings and suspenders

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