Lorraine Burnett – All That Jazz! (Original)

A restored JB Copper slide of Lorraine Burnett posing topless on the sofa in a pair of very jazzy pants and red high heels. There are so many different patterns in this shot it hurts your eyes looking at this shot and distracts you from the fact Lorraine is sat there topless or maybe not!

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  1. I just cannot understand why the photographer put in so many distracting backgrounds and the like.
    The photo should be about the model !
    A truly horrible photo.

  2. I Like it, Loz is always a favourite and her bosom looks a little bigger than normal here, so that’s a plus point!

  3. I adore this pic, which could be straight out of the Story of O. The highly patterned background etc serve only to emphasise the simple beauty of Lorraine’s fabulous breasts, bare, pale-nippled, uplifted (by the raising of her arms) and offered to us in supplication . Truly exquisite !

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