June Palmer – A Squeeze For Luck (Original)

It feels like a tit squeezing sort of day! So here is another original shot of an older June Palmer taken by John Lee of Studio Scotlee in July of 1982. It’s from this set and comes from an original 35mm slide, scanned by John W and passed onto myself.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

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  1. This was when women were women, not the plastic/silicon enhanced of today. I have been a fan of June Palmer since I was 16 back in 1960and I am glad I recently came across this web site. Are any of the ladies who thrilled me so then still with us and in touch through this site?

  2. I know of 5 still very much with us… Wonder is in touch with Gloria Lomax a one time HM model

    • Yep, Kevin is right I’ve been in contact with Gloria plus I’ve met Margaret Nolan and also spoken to Teri Martine. Geraldine ‘Sequin’ Garner is still around and a member of the site 🙂 There are plenty of others still with us, but unknown as to what they are up to or know of this site.

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