Margaret Nolan – Laid Back Look! (1962)

A laid back view of Margaret Nolan from Kamera No.48 P41 (1962) on a bed within GHM’s flat. A great view of Margaret, but the retoucher has been at her lower region giving it a slightly odd ‘V’ shape

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  1. the remarkable Ms Nolan – not a bad retouching job really, what terrible tasks these skilled people had to endure . . .

  2. I was at school with a guy named Terry who went on to work for a print finishing company. His job was to operate an air-brush, and – as he put it at the time – to put in the muscles on the “unretouched” body builder adverts and to take out the pubes of the naked ladies.

  3. Wow, the pose, the look – sets the imagination bubbling.

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