Ebony Glass Cutters! (Original)

Unknown ebony model with nipples that look like they could cut glass! Two shots sent over by Whyriley from his collection of models that visited his studio back in the 1960’s and 70’s of an unknown amateur model. Unfortunately he doesn’t have many more details, other than she was brought down by one of the photographers that used his studio. he only took a few shots to put her in the model album but doesn’t have a name, but remembers she came to the studio in the early seventies.

Thanks Whyriley for these rear shots of this unknown ebony beauty.

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  1. Yes, it quite often seems to me that photo studios must be very cold places, either that or some models must be in a high state of excitation. Sometimes by the look in the eyes it is probably the latter.

    Long may it continue….

  2. Many years ago I had a girlfriend who was an actress, and on one occasion she had to pose for some topless photos for publicity purposes. When she was at the studio, the photographer’s assistant offered her some ice cubes to rub on her nipples – that would cause them to erect, as that’s the way the photographer’s liked them. Actually, me too, although not to resort to ice.

  3. In the mid sixties I worked with a bloke who was surprisingly proud that his daughter was a glamour model, and would happily discuss the finer points (pun intended) of how erect nipples were achieved. Often it seemed, a warm rough towel was used, this apparently improved the colour as well.

    I’m quite willing to believe it.

    Not entirely sure that I could get so enthusiastic about my daughter’s activities being discussed quite so openly though. But it takes all kinds to make the world go round I suppose.

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