Dawn Grayson – Bazaar No.29 (1960’s)

Dawn Grayson on the cover of Bazaar No.29 from the late 1960’s and a rare uncensored version of the cover. Bazaar was a 32 page Danish publication featuring uncensored images of European models, including some Harrison Marks models such as June Palmer and others. The Bizarre thing about Bazaar is that the GHM models have had thick pubic hair airbrushed into the shots, but the European models seem to be naturally hairy shots.

Also the only clean shaven model in the whole magazine is Dawn on the cover and unfortunately that is the only appearance Dawn makes and the only colour image, but at least I have a copy!

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  1. Why airbrush beautiful lips?
    Pse help! A beautiful woman´s body to admire has nothing to hide, “bodywise”. Her beauty has many beautiful lips. Not only in her face! Not all women, of course, but why airbrush and hide their true beauty? I do love all models, especially those who show all four lips!

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