June Palmer’s Magnificent Mounds! (Original)

A close up shot of June Palmer from the late 1960’s that seems to be more of an outtake as it seems to be slightly out of focus, but it still works! It even looks like June is holding the camera above and taking the shot herself, very much like the modern day ‘selfie’ everyone now takes. What it does focus on though is those magnificent mounds of pleasure at he bottom of the shot, the stuff of dreams!

Thanks to John W for this shot of June from his collection.

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  1. Some girls “do” cleavage better than others. Misses Palmer, Eden and many other HM models have magnificent alluring cleavages, but then they mostly have all the necessary requirements in the first place.

    Modern bra design probably has more to do with engineering than simple support seemingly able to make the most flat-chested girls seem well upholstered, which seems to me as cheating.

    Again, in the modern celebrity fashion with gowns slashed to the midriff exposing a mass of under-fed ribs, with seemingly a couple of boobs stuck on almost under the armpits does nothing for me at all.

    Lets hear it for the full-breasted bra busting cleavage.

  2. Hear hear that man ! I keep an eye on a few lingerie models via Bellazon forum and on their model list 96% are nope – thin waif like creatures – the other 4 % well…. normal shapely beautiful women eg. Carla Ossa – Cynthia Moura

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