When Danielle Met Gerry!

Two shots of Danielle Denese helping Gerry Brown get undressed taken by Terry Sparks Russell Gay. Danielle has the more classic white underwear and stockings, whereas Gerry has gone for something a little more daring and sexy with a sheer underwear set, although Danielle seems intent on seeing everything by removing Gerry’s underwear! These shots appeared in the 1960’s Glamour Book and unfortunately are the only two from this set that I have seen, but I’d love to have seen the full set and where this strip ended up?

Update: Thanks to Terry for letting us know it was him that took these fabulous shots not Russell Gay and that they taken in November 1968 at the flat of Danielle’s boyfriend. Always good to get some context around shots like these 🙂

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  1. these shots were taken by me in November 1968 when I was working for RG. The location was Dani’s flat, (actually her boyfriends house). Unfortunately I do not have any of the other shots but if I remember correctly they did not get any more revealing than those shown here.

    • Ah thanks Terry for the information, so it was you that had the pleasure of this photo shoot with Dani and Gerry, lucky you! Shame it didn’t go much further 🙂

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