Margaret Middleton – A Happy Pair! (Original)

A very happy Margaret Middleton from an original 9 by 6 print from Russell Gay and distributed by his company, Galaxy Ltd. I have to say this is the happiest I’ve ever seen Margaret in a photo and such a great smile, as well as other things on display. I think it must be her teeth as like Lorraine Burnett she seemed to suffer with slightly bucked teeth, so avoided smiling which just gave her odd looking grin. Shame as she had a great smile and let’s not forget those massive tits that are always a good distraction 🙂

Thanks to Scott for sending over another great unseen shot of Margaret.

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  1. that is a very flattering picture of Marge

  2. Trying to figure out what that prominent line is on Margaret’s right boob. Could be a vein I suppose, but can’t say I’ve noticed anything like it before on any woman I’ve known, Possibly she was wearing an over-tight bra just before the session and didn’t wait long enough until the it disappeared naturally. Models I believe were usually told not to wear underwear before a photo-shoot so as to avoid unsightly strap marks.

  3. Shadow? that could be the answer, the line I mean is that one that runs from the middle of her cleavage in a curve to just below the nipple, looks for all the world like a prominent vein, but no doubt just a trick of the light and shadow.

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