A Double Top! (Original)

An artistic view of two wet model bodies by Harrison Marks from an original negative. You would find arty shots like this dotted throughout Kamera during it’s publication run and like this one most focused on the tits and torso making it difficult to guess the models. I do love the figures in this one and how the water droplets sit on the skin and what fantastic figures on both.

As it would happen I believe I can name the models in this shot as I’ve seen similar shots of these two bodies all wet and posing together in Kamera No.17 (1959). I believe the body facing us belongs to Jean Sporle (Spaul) and the one with it’s side/back is Gaby Rougier . I’ve posted a shot of them together here from Kamera No.17 and the other shots of them together and wet match the figures in this shot.

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  1. In the defunct HM website in the model directory there were a couple of headings for “Duos” and “Trios”. A number of girls seemed to pair up quite regularly – or at least may well have been shot at one time and printed spaced out -.

    Eve Eden (Rosa Domille)could be found with (I think) Margaret Middleton often sporting a piece of very thick white rope. Pamela Green had a number of duo and trio “partners”. Most were in “good taste” and strictly artistic for Kamera anyway.

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