Hilde Beck – Something For The Weekend! (Original)

Something to take us into the long Bank Holiday weekend. An Original 1960’s 6 by 4 Print by Russell Gay of the very ample assets of Hilde Beck. I just love this print and Hilde has a great look to her including the animal print panties and suspender belt and an even better pair of tits!

On the back of this print was the stamp for Russell Gay Studio’s in Great Portland Street, London and that’s it. No details of if this shot ever went on to be published anywhere, but it seems too good not to have been printed!

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  1. I haven’t myself seen the Hilde Beck pics from GHM, but saw her make several appearances in Parade and Carnival, and saw her in a mainly colour seven page set in the March 1966 edition of the US mag, Swank.

    In that issue, it gave us a few details around Hilde. It said that though based in London, she was born in Dusseldorf, and came to England at age 10. For what it’s worth, It gave her age as 19 then in 1966. It also said, that (as with many contemporary models of the time) she was working in clubs as a stripper, specifically at the Phoenix, but that she would work at up to four clubs a day.

    As an aside, I wonder that though only some models were strippers, it is likely that most or all strippers were also models? Why wouldn’t they be?

    I have often mooted that if everybody did their jobs as professionally as strippers, then the world would be a better place.

    • Interesting point about strippers. I think that some of the images on this site could be tagged “Striptease performance in progress”.

      Regarding the professionalism of strippers, the biggest compliment a girl can earn is: she knows exactly what’s expected of her and delivers it. In other words, entertainment for men at its best.

  2. Terrific shot of stunning Hilde. Beautiful combination of face and voluptuous figure – even her eccentric nipples look really attractive.

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