Jenny Lane – Sheer & Short (Original)

Jenny Lane posing in a rather nice sheer babydoll nighty from a newly acquired 35mm black and white negative. I didn’t instantly recognise the model as Jenny, as she has short hair in this shot and all the images I have seen, especially posing for Harrison Marks she has long straight dark hair. Which poses the question is this her real hair and is the long hair really a wig?

I think I actually prefer this shot of her with shorter hair, as it seems to suit her better. I loving the sheer babydoll showing us the outline of her white panties beneath and the shape of those nice round tits! Jenny wasn’t the most photogenic of models, especially with that mole over her lip, but she definitely looks good in this shot! 

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  1. Fascinating, I often think its what you almost can’t see that is more “interesting” than what you can, sheer nighties being a case in point (no pun intended).

    For short hair, I agree. I always though that Ann Walker looked much better with that very short hairstyle than she did with long hair. Got any of those pics?

    • I agree with the what you can’t quite see sentiment as i just seems more erotic than full one views sometimes! Short hair seems to suit some models better than others such as Jenny and Ann Walker. if you do a search for Ann the last two posts I did have her with short hair

  2. Yes, thank you for that Wonder; the look I really like are those very short hair shots of Ann that appear in page 5 of your link, a really short “pixie” cut, I think most of them were taken outdoors at Ewhurst Manor by HM. The cut really suited her (in my opinion anyway)

    On the same tack, June Palmer appeared with a short “bob” in a bath scene set (although I’ve read this was actually a wig) but again it really suited her.

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