Monique’s Mound! (Original)

Monique Devereux by Harrison Marks laying back on silk sheets showing off her magnificent body and hairy mound! A different shot of Monique as she’s wearing a wig and may well be from one of her glamour films by GHM, but unknown to me?

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  1. I would not have known, she looks totally different except maybe the boobs – was she one of the early ones to have a boob job ?

  2. It is Monique, the tell tale being the mole under her right eye. As for the boobs, she was one of many at the time to have the job done. Some of her photographs show it more clearly, in particular when she is standing and trying to hold all in.

  3. To see a LOT more of Monique, I recommend you watch her in the GHM film “The Wonder Bed” A lass who is definitely not ashamed of her body !

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