Pamela Green Posing Nude – Pose No.383 (1973)

Another rare shot from The Pamela Green Nude Posing Guide No.4 published in 1973 by Pam with photo’s taken by Douglas Webb. The guide is 4 pages including the cover and features Pamela in 48 different poses across 3 pages in a contact sheet style, with each image having a number (The image above was No.383) This shot uses the black background and lighting from the left highlighting Pam’s naked body in the shadows. Perfect!

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  1. These posing guides were the subjects of small adverts in Amateur Photographer in the early 70’s. As a teen I remember the inviting small picture of Pamela (with public hair showing in the ad!) and one little suspected that over 40 years on they would re-appear. The version here today is probably far superior to that which one would have received through the post.

    The one photographer whose nude works featured regularly in the magazine around that time who I can remember was Michael Barrington-Martin.

  2. Classic old school light, the sign of a superb photographer. I wish that I could achieve this sort of lighting on a glamour shoot!

  3. A superb study of the mature ” P G ” Forever “The Most Beautiful Woman in The World “

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