An Ample Helping of Sherry!

An ample helping of US model Sherry Lynn from the 1960’s and her curvaceous figure as she poses in the kitchen. Sherry was a popular US model that was on more the rubenesque side with her figure and big tits and I have several colour and black and white sets of her in my collection. If there is interest I will of course publish some more, but not a model that normally appears on the site 🙂

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  1. At last a real woman more more more. Just need a chocolate one now.

  2. What a woman should look like – built for comfort, not speed! More please!

  3. Crikey, I’m not sure I’d want to tangle with her in the rush to get to the buffet in the local Harvester . . . well, then again, let me just think that through . . .

  4. I am for more Sherry also. I have just two other pics of her; would like to see more. 🙂

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