Models by Terry Sparks

A collection of the models photographed by Terry Sparks during his illustrious career working for the likes of Russell Gay and others. Images are provided from the archive of Terry himself or from my own growing personal collection. I’ll be adding more models as I edit them 🙂

Clicking the model name below the image takes you to posts of each model, if I’ve posted any 🙂

Thanks to Terry Sparks for the exclusive use of his images and content, which remain under his property rights and copyright.

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  1. what memories for Terry!

    • Yes, Terry and myself keep in contact and he is always so helpful in helping me with model names, dates etc along with his own memories. So pleased he found my site and has helped contribute to it the last few years 🙂

  2. Although it might be easy to think “Phooar, Terry had a good job!” it has to be said that Terry was a first class photographer and master of his craft. He consistently turned out stunning pictures with none veering towards the salacious, but always with the models coming across as charming, sometimes a little raunchy (Anne Walker, but I’m sure that’s because of her character) and beautiful – hats off to Terry!

    (Phooar as well!)

  3. My thanks to ROOP for his generous praise and to WONDER for the time he has spent scanning and reproducing my photographs and transparencies. It seems like only yesterday when I spent hours working with these lovely ladies and now I find it hard to realise that many of these same beauties are now in their 70’s and 80′

    • Thanks Terry and it’s a real pleasure showing off your work on the site again and for all the stuff you’ve sent through so far. I would think all of the models on this site are now in their 70’s onwards, but thankfully their beauty is never forgotten thanks to sites like mine 🙂

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