Ann Wilson – What a View! (Original)

A delicious view of Ann Wilson by Harrison Marks taken in 1965. Taken at the top of the stairs in Ewhurst Manor, not only do we get a full length view of Ann’s figure and smoothly shaven pussy, but also the spectacular window behind her. Although I’m sure the view of Ann is more appealing than the view out the window! Thanks to Kevin for sending across this great shot of Ann from his collection.

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  1. Perfect! Exactly the kind of photo I was hoping to see when I joined!

    • Hopefully not the only photo you were hoping to see and others have met your criteria over the time you’ve been here billboard 🙂

      • Loads of photos have pleased me enormously! I always wanted to see what the photographer saw – particularly the ‘smooth look’ – this one epitomises what I mean.

        • That’s exactly what this site seems to have moved towards, more of the original as seen straight out the camera shots from back then rather than the retouched versions seen in the publications. I still like the edited versions of some shots though 🙂

  2. Absolute classic. Lovely line and form enhanced by depilation.

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