Annlyse Back on Black (Original)

Another beautiful shot of Annlyse posing on a black background for Harrison Marks from an original medium format negative. A great shot of Annylse in the studio and I do like the shots GHM took using a black background and lighting highlighting all the right bits! This shot was also printed in Kamera No.36 P28 (1960) although the image was reversed on that page.

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  1. The pose and light are, as always, superb! I wish that I could achieve just half of what he did!

  2. GHM’s work, when he gave a damn, was top notch. His use of lighting and composition (and of course, subject matter) was masterful. It’s unfortunate that somewhere along the line he stopped giving a damn. Track his work from, say, the late 50s to the late 60s, and it’s pretty evident that he went from photographer to snapshot shooter. And the same can be said for his short films. That said, his work is always a pleasure to view.

    • A stunning shot in terms of both the lighting and unusual pose of the model, whose beautiful breasts, with their dark nipples, are dramatically stretched and lifted up by her raised arms. A truly magical photo.

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