Mayfair Makes a Film!

An interesting article from the pages of Mayfair Vol.2 No.1 (January 1964) about several well known models making a film for Mayfair. The models in question were Dawn Grayson, Geraldine (Gerry) Brown, Lee Southern, Diane (McNeil) Grant and Pauline Dickenson. All of which apart from Pauline are well known on this blog, especially my favourite in the pink tights, Dawn Grayson.

Now I’m not sure if a film was really made or this was just a set up for the article, but I do know Mayfair did make several super 8mm films later on featuring Syliva Bayo, Mandy Kuypers and Penny Mallett. So maybe they did make the film, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have missed such a film featuring Dawn and friends? Anyone know if it really exists?

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  1. I think the suggestion that this was a film being made for the ‘American networks’ is unlikely. American network TV is narrow-minded now, let alone back in the mid-1960s. They show thousands of hours a year of murders, but a glimpse of a nipple – well, that’s outrageous!

  2. I have the Mayfair film of Sylvia and Mandy etc but it has ben chewed and needs repairing if possible ?

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