June & Eve – Not Just Nudes & Boobs! (Original)

Another promotional shot by London photo agency Cowderoy & Moss Ltd featuring June Palmer and Eve Eden posing on a couple of Lambretta Scooters with two fellow male models in nice jumpers. Obviously meant to look as though they are riding the scooters as they pose, just a shame you can see the stands are down holding the scooters in place! I love these different shots of June and Eve showing a glamour models life wasn’t all nudes and boobs 🙂

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  1. Pedant mode on/:

    I have to fess-up here; the last time you posted a pic of the girls on the scooters I commented that you could see the stands down. From this new sharper angle, it is not the stands, but you can see it is Eve and June’s left shoes touching the ground.

    The scooters are not moving though.

    But I’d still like either of the girls resting those magnificent boobs on my back…

    Pedant mode off/:

    • No it’s definitely a stand or wooden blocks as you can see it directly below the number plate on June’s scooter 🙂

      • Definitely wooden blocks. The stands were tubular metal things and “U”-shaped; you can see them still folded up in this shot – the rubber end piece is the black thing immediately below the girls’ right feet. (Not the thing at the side of their feet – that’s the engine starter pedal.)
        The stands are down in some of the other shots once clicked-through the link.
        This – and the others – all cracking shots; so “of the time”.

  2. I wonder if those chaps new what the girls ‘day job’ was? If they did not, but found out later, they would be kicking themselves.

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