Jutka Goz – Impressive Set of Wing Nuts! (Original)

Jutka Goz by Harrison Marks originally published in Kamera No.70 P23 (1966), which I posted some time ago here.  Two things you can almost guarantee with Jutka when posing for GHM, she’s always got a big smile and her fabulous nipples always seem to be hard, or maybe that is the natural state of them! Both a more clearly visible in this version of the shot in high resolution straight from the negative and likewise both make me smile as well 🙂

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  1. Although Ms Goz appeared in a number of GHM publications and films including The Naked World of Harrison Marks, she doesn’t seem to have had a Solo magazine dedicated to her. Was I wonder her posing career very short that there was never time for it. But most Solo’s are compilations from over a period of time, rather shot in one session.

    Great pity, it would have been nice to have 48 pages of those nipples.

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