Monique – A Walled Beauty! (Original)

Monique Devereux leaning against a wall and showing off a side profile her curvaceous body. The photo was taken by Harrison Marks at Walden Manor and this was on the side of the house with a patio and rectangle pond you can just see in the background. Walden Manor still exists today if you search it up on Google maps, but it doesn’t look like the pond survived, but in it’s time it had plenty of beauties posing around and in it!

A great shot of Monique from one of my original negatives and a great profile view of her enhanced tits!

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  1. Do you think she’s had breast enhancement? To tell the truth it never occured to me, but looking back she did have a very, errr, protruding and spherical pair of tits. I just thought that was how they were . . . was breast enhancement carried out ‘back in the day’?

    • I’ve been reliably informed they were enhanced, which was very rare back then! Apparently after modelling for GHM she did do private work as a model and one such client got his hands on her in more than one way and she confirmed they were enhanced.

      • right, well, they were done pretty well, then, far better than many you might see these days.

        Not that I spend a lot of time looking at or for pictures of enhanced breasts . . .

  2. Ah! but which Walden Manor? Google finds four of them…

    Breast surgery was very rare in those earlier days, and largely confined to removal for cancer. Although it was catching on in the States.

    Several models could be suggested that enhancement has taken place. I once enquired if the great June Palmer managed to keep her figure into later life with some “assistance” but was advised “definitely not”.

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