Donna Ambrose – Access All Areas, Part 2 (Original)

Back to the 80’s again with another original 35mm negative of Donna Ambrose (Danica Collins) sent over by Kevin similar to this shot. In this shot we get a frontal view of Donna’s large tits as she pulls them together with the aid of the straps of her top. What with the other shot showing the rear view of this outfit there wasn’t much to it, not that I’m complaining!

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  1. Another outstanding bust. Great pic!

  2. Nice shot! By the way you still have Gloria Lomax mixed up with Donna in the linked images – not that I don’t appreciate the shots of Gloria!

  3. Very pale nipples for a girl of colour, but I love the small waist cinched by a tight closet emphasising the heavy breasts. Magnifique!

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