Sylvia Bayo – More to Come! (Original)

I’m running short on new Sylvia Bayo content, in fact other than this shot and scans of her in Nylon Flash No.19 that’s pretty much it! To say new images or content of Sylvia are scarce would be an understatement. When it does appear the prices are mad! Recently a 10 by 8 original print went up for sale at £125, well beyond my budget for a single print!

But it’s not all doom and gloom, as recently member Soundtrack68 posted that he had a copy of the Mayfair, `The Mayfair Girls` series 8mm film ‘Girl Friday’ featuring Sylvia! I obviously grovelled and asked for a copy, which Soundtrack agreed and it’s in the post, so more Sylvia to come and a film 🙂

A big thank you to Soundtrack for sending this film over, although he does say the film isn’t of high quality, but we will wait and see and anything is better than nothing I say and as soon as I get it I’ll get it up on t he site for you all! Can’t wait! Also if anyone else has Sylvia content do let me know 🙂

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  1. As a devoted fan of Sylvia I welcome more photo’s of her. I would a copy of this film also as I had it on video but it was chewed up by my video played. But do have Cous cous on 8mm film. Keep meaning to have it converted to dvd. a bonus of another black beauty on it, also some character maybe GHM a walk in the country ? Sylvia in Mayfair confirmed my devotion to the philosophy that BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL, IT WAS MY first sighting also My girl lollipop Millie Small.

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