The Unmistakable Eve Eden (1964)

She may be a blonde but there is no mistaking the stunning looks of Eve Eden! A shot of Eve during her short period as a blonde and one of two shots that appeared in Carnival Autumn Extra (1964). It’s been a while since I posted some pages from Carnival and toy forget how many of the models on this blog appeared throughout the editions over the years.

Thanks to Paul from Firebird Records for sending this and the other scans over from this magazine and reminding me to look back through my archive of Carnival 🙂

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  1. How bitterly disappointed the reader would have been to have seen the breasts and lower area covered . . .

    • Yes Roop very disappointing for the reader, but I’m sure they would have got over it somehow 😉

      • surely Carnival must have been 2/6 then, (surely not 5 bob), and Parade was a shilling.

        you expected more for half a crown . . .

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