Lorraine Burnett – A Blonde at Bedtime! (Original)

A very classical pose from Lorraine Burnett with short blonde hair posing nude kneeling on the bed by Harrison Marks and from this set. Many of these shots of Lorraine with short blonde hair posing on the bed and in the dressing room were published in Kamera No.39 (1961) but I haven’t seen this shot used in that edition. It does however appear on the cover and inside pages of the later published magazine ‘Just Lorraine Burnette’ produced by Nostalgic Publications in the late 1990’s, which you can see below.

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  1. Classic shot by GHM! Why did ‘Nostalgic’ butcher the image by re-touching it so badly?

  2. Lorraine, she’s remarkable. She had the knack of posing as the ‘girl next door’ and, whats more, on your old iron framed bed in your bedroom!!!

    OK, maybe her bed then . . .

    • Don’t make girls and beds that sturdy nowadays! Love the old iron framed bed, handy for handcuffing or tying things to it …. so I’m told!

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