Monique – Anything Good to Watch? (Original)

A great rear view of Monique Devereux’s rear as she poses for Harrison Marks in front of the TV in his flat. I sometimes think I prefer her rear view to the front, as it is a nice arse! Great shot from GHM in his flat and the ceramic cats make an appearance on the top of the TV and a great shot of Maggie Nolan on the wall in the background. I have several shots of Margret posing like that in the forest, but don’t think I have that one?

A great shot of Monique to kick off my return from Holiday all refreshed and ready to go again, so normal service has resumed 🙂

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  1. Monique is an all around beauty; but, I do prefer this particular view. Welcome back!

  2. Yes, welcome back!

  3. Nice welcome home shot!

  4. Monique is good back or front!

    welcome back to blighty . . .

  5. Good to have you back.

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