In Focus No.1 (1957)

The cover of the first edition of In Focus edited by Harrison Marks. In the heady days following the highly successful launch of Kamera, it seemed that the market for Harrison Marks’ publications was insatiable. ‘In Focus’ was another Kamera style pocketbook that Kamera Publications launched in 1957. The highest issue number that I have come across to date is No.21 If this is the last issue, then the publication was last printed in 1964.

No idea who the cover model is unless anyone can enlighten me? Thanks to Paul from Firebird Records for this copy and others of In Focus 🙂

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  1. My guess would be Kathy Keaton / Keeton ex stripper at Soho’s Casino de Paris in the 50’s / 60’s among many other things . Look her up on Wikipedia and google images . Cheers

    • It looks like Kathy Keeton to me too, Jimmy1350. Practically every British movie or TV show featuring a stripper used Ms Keeton in the late 50s/early 60s. In 1962 or thereabouts she gave up stripping and joined the staff of Penthouse – in fact I think she was married to Guccione. She moved with him to the States and did very well for herself in the publishing world.

    • Thanks Jimmy and you could be right 🙂

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