Virginia Green – A Hot Bed of Action! (Original)

Another classy model in the shape of Virginia Green but the same bed as this shot earlier this week of Caron Gardiner. That bed obviously saw some use and action, you may even go as far as saying a hotbed of action 🙂 It even has the same bedspread on it! Regardless of the bed Virginia looks as gorgeous and as elegant as ever in just heels and earrings on that bed. Seeing this shot and the other shot makes me believe these may well have been taken by Russell Gay.

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  1. I have examined this photograph very carefully several times, and I suspect that the lady may be wearing tights. Not that I mind that, but what do you think?

    • Nope I looked at the original up close and she’s naked. It’s just the way her waist is twisted that gives it a line across her midriff, but can see why you would think that 🙂

  2. Enlargement disabled?

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