Harrison Marks Cine Films

A complete listing of all the known Cine Films produced by Harrison Marks and his different production companies, plus a selection of his hardcore films. Each section shows the first 10 films, but the lists can be expanded or searched.

Original listings came from the old Harrison Marks Website, plus thanks to Adult Loop Database for some further additions but I’m sure there are some I’ve still missed! Film titles are linked if I’ve published a copy of the film.

Kamera Cine Films

Maximus Films

Maximus or Maximus International Ltd. (Continental Style Films, Unretouched)

Harrison Marks – Hardcore
Hardcore sex films that seemed to have produced exclusively for overseas companies both German & Danish, plus a few others. 

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  1. For those wishing to see a bit more of JP (and who doesn’t) click the June Palmer Films on the right, then where it has a 10 in the box, click the down arrow and select “All”, this will bring up a longer list of Wonder’s published films, including “The Fabulous June Palmer” parts 1 and 2. Where you almost see a bit more of June.

    Only disadvantage, you have to select the “All” each time after viewing a film, but I can live with that…

    • Thanks Driver and I’ve set it to list the first 10 rather than everything, as it’s just easier to manage on a page that way, otherwise you’d have some very long pages full of lists 🙂

  2. If you have Amazon prime there is a compilation called” Vintage Burlesques and Stag” which includes “Making Hay”. There i au be others included with many untitled shorts.

  3. If its the same one, “Vintage Burlesque and Stag” is available from Amazon not necessarily on Prime.

    It’ll cost you £233 though, Oh! and 9p.

    There’s a Region 0 US import for the more sensible price of £7.76, but you will need a multi-region DVD player to view it (mine is ha ha!).

    There’s yet another with a Canadian dollar price of CDN$ 90.78, but has a different cover, so might be a different product altogether.

    That’s of course if any of them are the same as that noted by Aardvark.

  4. Is it possible to view the Harrison Marks hardcore?

  5. vintage burlesque and stag appears to have gone from free viewing on amazon prime video now.

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