Rusty Gaynor (Video)

Another glamour film from the early days of Harrison Marks, under Kamera Cine Films No.38 titled ‘Rusty Gaynor’ (1963), no prizes for guessing who starred in this one! A simple story really, Rusty looks bored and lonely, so puts some music on and does a strip for us 🙂

*This film is copyright George Harrison Marks Enterprises Limited

Why another film so soon after the last one? Well I’m feeling generous and letting everyone see this one not just members, plus I have a new contact that converts old cine films into DVD’s and this is one that he sent me.

Thanks to Colin from Cine Films 2 DVD for sending this and over 30 other vintage glamour films, including a few of the harder stuff as well. These also included a few rare Wanda Liddell films I’ve never seen before, some more GHM films and Peta Gareth in a fully uncensored porn film! I’ll keep that till later and maybe let members see it. Anyway the quality of the conversions is fantastic considering the age of the films and you can find a link to Colin’s site on the right hand menu. Plus any Kamera Club member will get a special 10% discount on all conversions, just let him know you came from here. So a big thank you to Colin for this and all the other films he kindly sent over 🙂

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  1. Uhmm!! Looked through the A to Z listing of Rusty, I admit looking for evidence of surgery, but could’t see any unless its hidden under make-up. But those boobs can’t be natural…can they?.

    • I’m in total agreement with You Driver, they sure look false and like you searched to see if she had them done, but nothing. They must be though as just look odd and too fixed 🙂

      • I don’t want to harp on this too much but, one of the other aspects is that in the video at least, Ms Gaynor is hardly in the first flush of youth, at or near a point when gravity could be expected to er! lend a hand.

        In those early day’s cosmetic surgery was not at all common in Britain, although it could be done in the USA and other less salubrious parts of the world “on the cheap”.

        The much younger (looking at least) Jutka Goz, had similar looking boobs, but didn’t look unnatural. How about a photo of her to prove it.

        • I also thought that the boobs in this movie looked siliconed, and was wondering when cosmetic surgery had actually started.

          Some of the old vinglam models included a few models who I would have said had false boobs, but they were posing before all that was even available, so I guess some women just naturally have a kind of bust that doesn’t look 100% natural, but is.

          • The only model I know had work done and had it confirmed was Monique Devereux, but I know of no others that had work done or admitted to it?

        • I actually disagree as think Jutka’s look natural although small and perky, just look at the video I published although firm they actually move and look natural 🙂

          • I was actually thinking of the pneumatic Jutka’s walk-on appearances in “The Naked World of Harrison Marks” movie, where the comparison with Rusty Gaynor is easier to make.

  2. It is advisable to be nice about Rusty. She was married to Jimmy Humphreys, who ran strip clubs and dirty book shops, and had a significant chunk of the Met on his payroll. She did time for possession of firearms; they both did time for running brothels. Strangely, given their history, they allegedly moved from Soho to the South Coast and ran a removals business.

    But back to the tits: they look natural to me and I have done a lot of research.

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