Who’s Who on Electric Ladyland Cover (1968)

The Jimi Hendrix Album ‘Electric Ladyland’ is 50 years old this year and one of it’s controversial and banned covers back then featured a bevvy of naked beauties posing on a black background. Several years ago I got asked if I could identify any of the models and back then my knowledge was lacking, but now I’ve been asked again and on revisiting the cover I realize that I can now name several of the models and recognize several more.

Back then the cover photographer, David Montgomery, said he found the girls in The Speakeasy nightclub in London, which may be true. But I know those I’ve identified were also well known glamour models appearing in many of the magazines back then and worked for the likes of Harrison Marks and Russell Gay. I’ve numbered the models I can now identify and the list is below, plus a few I recognize and have images of but have no name.

1. Jenny Lane
2. Maria Frost
3. Nicole Yerner
4. Cindy Neal
5. Rena Brown (Reine Sutcliffe?)
6. Maya Zell
7. Ann Day?
8. Nichola Austine
9. Unknown but Familiar (Worked with GHM)  
10. Samantha Bond 
11. Helga Berk

The two blondes front left also look familiar, but can’t put a name to the lovely faces. Anyone recognize any other models?

One of the models named Reine Sutcliffe was interviewed in Melody Maker in 1968. “It makes us look like a load of old tarts. It’s rotten. Everyone looked great, but the picture made us look old and tired. We were trying to look too sexy, but it didn’t work out.”

Thanks to Les for contacting me and asking to look at it again 🙂

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  1. What a great pic!

    Based on the composition and irregularities, I suspect it is composite of several photos taken separately. I don’t know how they did that before computers, but I know that they could.

    As both a VG and a Hendrix fan, it is nice to see a meeting of interests!

  2. As a Hendrix fan from 1967, I remember buying this album from a shop in Oxford Street, London at lunchtime on the day it went on sale and it came in a plain, brown paper bag !!

    Biggest regrets ??
    In the Sixties, I used to frequent a local pub in North London with a room at the back for performances by ” up-and-coming ” bands.

    I did get to see John Mayall and Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac + others but missed out on Hendrix appearing there when he first came to the UK – entrance for five shillings ( 25p !! ).

    I was busy studying for A levels at the time and also missed out on seeing the two appearances by Cream at that same pub – again at 25p entrance for each gig.

    Rats !!!!!!!

  3. PS

    I remember going to a concert a few years ago & chatting to a lady in the next seat about concerts we’d seen over the years.

    I was envious when she mentioned seeing Hendrix in concert.

    I was expecting her to say that she’d seen him at some vast festival – perhaps, Isle Of Wight.

    But, she’d seen him at Stevenage Youth Centre ( no dis-respect to Stevenage Youth Centre !! )

    I guess every legend has to start somewhere >>>>

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