Dawn Grayson – A Guilty Pleasure (Original)

I thought I’d end the week on one of my guilty pleasures in the form of the fabulous Dawn Grayson from a set of 35mm colour slides in my collection from Firebird Records. As you can see the set features Dawn posing nude in the studio with sheer netting as a background. I have at least 3 more slides available from this set with those I’ve published so far here

Finally, things are going to get quiet on the site for a few weeks, as I’ve been called up to do Jury Service for 2 weeks starting next week. Posts will stop for a while as I’ll be away, but I’ll still check in on comments and emails as I’m sure i’ll have plenty of time on my hands if I don’t get picked 🙂

Until I return enjoy Dawn!

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  1. Indeed you will. Having been on jury service twice, it is probably the most boring of times sitting around waiting to be called, if indeed you ever do.

    Take a good book(s), that you can open in mixed company!!, back copies of Kamera will cause a sensation.

    • Plenty of reading material ready, but as you say nothing too risky, although I do have a copy of The Naked Truth about Harrison Marks to read, which has a few images, but I can get away with it 🙂

  2. DOING RUDE THINGS is fun too. We await your return….

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