Rita by Murray Wren (Original)

A beautiful shot of Rita by Murray Wren posing on the pool steps at Eureka Naturist Club in the 1970’s. This is another scan of an original print from John’s collection of which there are several shots of Rita.

Murray Wren edited H&E for much of the 1970’s and contributed photographs for many years more, as well as being a friend of Leslie Bainbridge. It was whilst searching for Murray I came across The Murray Wren Photo Archive which showcases his work over the years, plus it has many galleries of his work and some of the models that posed for him. That is where I came across similar shots of Rita and was able to identify the location as Eureka, plus several other recognizable models including Vicky Ashley and Sally Dixon.

What a fabulous naturist shot of Rita this is showing of her fabulous figure and smooth mound, perfect and thanks again to John for sharing his collection! 

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  1. Perfect!

  2. Fascinating archive – it seems to bridge the gap between ‘naturist’ and ‘glamour’.

    as an aside, would naturists, as a rule, shave their pubic area? I get the feeling that quite a few of the women on that website were models and not actually genuine naturists, perhaps I’m wrong though.

    all the same, attractive model here!

  3. I agree, she looks really nice! Roop is right in questioning whether there were many depilated genuine female naturists/nudists. Almost without exception (Jane, elsewhere on this site) the shaven women are models rather than club members.

    • Yes, I agree with John. Most of the models I know that seemed to go to naturist clubs back then, including Pamela Green were Shaven. The true naturists were O’natural as they say 🙂

      Saying that I’ve seen a set of Sally Dixon at Eureka by Wren where she isn’t shaven, but think that is an exception.

      • The debate about whether the pictures in Health and Efficiency were of genuine naturists or of professional models was a constant topic in their letters column in the 60’s and 70’s as was whether pubic hair was best left or removed. The common term for removing it as I recall was depilation.

        • The debate continues, but looking back now we do know that many of the shaved girls were models that we now know 🙂

  4. Many female naturists now shave as well as many males. It’s ‘fashionable’ now – and no so back in the 60s and 70s. Curiously many older women now shave – no hair looks better than grey hair!

    • Great topic here and a wonderful photo to boot..lovely to think of Bullboards remark of “older” women now going totally shaved ..I imagine when they were younger msny if them baulked at the idea ..there’s something eye catching about a depilated well kept older woman ..,at least that’s my view..John does seem to have some superb images in his collection ….”encore “…

  5. Superb photo!

  6. In my view, a model is not fully naked unless she is ‘au naturel’ – that is, fully depilated – or at least with a neat Brazilian. This affords an unobscured view of the girl’s otherwise hidden charms.

  7. I agree with SR – except for the Brazilian bit. I don’t think Murray Wren was as inflexible on depilation as Leslie Bainbridge. As long standing editor of H&E the latter was well placed to launch aspiring models but only if they were presented immaculately shaven. He certainly would not have accepted a hint of stubble, let alone what he used to call a ‘landing strip’…..

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