Dania Faber – A View That Doesn’t Divide (Original)

A beautiful shot of a dusky beauty in front of a bamboo room divider from an original 10 by 8 print from the collection of John f that I recently scanned. The beauty in question seems to be 1960’s UK model Dania Faber (Montez) and not Gay Simmons. I have several prints of her from John plus I realized I had an original 35mm negative of her, but she’s dressed in that one.

A stunning shot of Dania with her small pert tits and slender body and what looks like a smooth pussy and she definitely looks to be of Indian descent. A big Thanks also to Tonal Range for point out it was Dania not Gay 🙂

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  1. I could be wrong, but this is not Gay Simmons, but Dania Montez, aka Dania Faber.

    Dania, depending on the accompanying text, was from India, Sri Lanka, or even Indonesia (unlikely).

    I know of only one Gay Simmons, and she was Irish. I’ll send some pics to hopefully establish this girl as Dania. 🙂

    • No Tonal not wrong based on the evidence you sent over and agree it’s Dania not Gay. My records seem to have been mixed up on this model, so thanks for the correction 🙂

  2. Ah it’s nice to be able to contribute now & again to the collective knowledge pool.

    I understand that Dania was born in India, and spent some time in Bali before coming to the UK. She was on a Parade cover credited as Tanya, a mis-spelling of Dania.

    It looks like you found some great pics of her. 🙂

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